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Are Solar Panels worth it?

Save Money

Solar electricity production and self-use today offers far greater savings than it did in recent years due to the skyrocketing cost of energy and the decreasing price of solar panels.

Earn Money

Under the Smart Energy Guarantee, you may be able to earn money for the energy that your solar panels generate, but you do not use. Based on a rate of 5p per kWh, the Energy Saving Trust predicts that a typical household located roughly in the middle of the country might earn in the region of £100 per year.

Environmental impact

Solar Energy is a renewable energy source, helping you to reduce the carbon emissions from your household and help protect the environment.

Increase property value

When the time comes to sell your home, prospective buyers are more likely to pay extra for a house with solar panels installed, compared to one without.

Frequently asked questions

Are Solar Panels effective in the UK?
Absolutely. Whilst solar panels will be at their most efficient on a bright sunny day, they do not in fact require direct sunlight to generate energy. Even on a typically cloudy day in the UK, you can still produce a considerable amount of electricity.
How many Solar Panels do I need?
It’s really going to depend on how much ‘space’ you have vs what your end goal is, and your budget. Different types of setups will require more panels, and if you’re aiming to mitigate most of your current electricity costs, you may wish to consider installing as many panels as practically, and affordably possible.
How can I best optimise Solar Panels?
There are number of variables that will impact exactly how efficient you can be with your solar panels. The direction of your house in relation to the sun, and placement of the solar panels (plus volume of panels) are key factors. You may also wish to consider including a battery as part of the installation, to retain the ‘extra’ energy for when you may need it, rather than selling as part of the Smart Energy Guarantee. Speak to our experts and find out exactly which setup is best for your circumstances.